quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2014

Orelhas de Elefante #42

In the dark of night I might
Be able to make myself think
That I'm still a younger man
But when the light of day shines down
There's no way to get around it
I am not a younger man
I keep defeating my own self
And keep repeating yesterday
I can't keep defeating myself
I can't repeating the mistakes of my youth

- "Mistakes of My Youth"

Meaning to find meaning in the most meaningless of times
Believing I believe in something beyond nickels and dimes

And I opened up my heart and said "This much I'll allow:

All who enter welcome in"

And I thought I'd have some answers by now

- "Answers"
Too many years getting my way
Never let anyone have their say
How could I think it would work out
Never a question, never a doubt

- "Gentlemen's Choice"
If I could do just one thing
Set the clock back many years ago

I'd teach that motherfucker that raised you

How to treat you right

- "Series of Misunderstandings"

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